Are You Following a Man By Accepting the Scapegoat Covenant?

The "Scapegoat" Doctrine of Leviticus 16:10 taught here. Also, the coming of the Modern Day "Servant", "Elijah" the prophet and the "Spirit of Truth" are explained here. (Isaiah 49:1-7; Malachi 4:5, 6; Matthew 17:10, 11; John 16:13-15) As well as the Great "Mystery of God" as revealed, in the first prophecy from God of Genesis 3:15.

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Are You Following a Man By Accepting the Scapegoat Covenant?

#1 Post by Mary » Tue May 23, 2006 3:50 pm

Are You Following a Man By Accepting the Scapegoat Covenant?

This is the comment I have heard over and over again from Jehovah's witnesses over the years. You also may have heard this yourself, haven't you?

My first thought to this is, "you don't know Jehovah God." That seems to be the big problem here. Afterall, doesn't God have the absolute right to decide who can be used, and in what particular capacity that He [Jehovah] chooses...according to His Lofty, Unchangeable Will? Even, if He wants to use an imperfect man, in such a lofty capacity to administrate a new covenant according to His Choosing for His Name People (Jehovah's witnesses)?

If you are one of Jehovah's witnesses, please do not get defensive at this thought especially due to the fact that the Christian Covenant IS BROKEN!!! So you...all JW's are WITHOUT a contract or covenant with God. All that leaves you are the CURSES that Jehovah God did promise to His people if they did not keep His laws.

In Deuteronomy chapter 28, the blessings and the curses are spoken about in detail. This is something the Watchtower Society has not taken the time to teach about is the CURSES!

Another thought on this is Moses...he was a man and yet all Israel followed him for 40 years...or did they just follow the arrangement Jehovah God set up for them??? :idea: This is a question you must consider especially since Jehovah God is GOD!!! And no one and I mean NOT ONE PERSON ON EARTH can "check His hand." Its His use anyone He pleases. In this instance, He has decided to use an imperfect man, the offspring of Adam and Eve, and use such a one in a atoning capacity, to benefit wayward Israel of our modern times. -- Isaiah 49:1-7

Think about it!

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."
George Bernard Shaw

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#2 Post by yorww » Fri May 26, 2006 5:20 pm

Hi Mary,

Paul once stated:

"BECOME IMITATORS OF ME, even as I am of Christ." -- 1 Corinthians 11:1

Paul "imitated" Christ. A simple fact. Therefore, anyone from among first century christians who "imitated" or followed Paul's example, was on safe ground...since Paul was a true follower of Christ. So, if we are talking in the sense of being a "follower" of a man (Paul or the MDS), who in turn, follows Christ, then I don't think we (yorww congregation) would have a problem with the statement: We are followers of men or a man, just so long as the man in whom we are following, per himself FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST! That's the important thing to consider here, I believe. That way...everyone is following Jesus' example, which would be most pleasing to Jehovah. Indeed, it was Jesus and only Jesus, that set the perfect "pattern" for us, and thus...all must be "PATTERNED" after Jesus to meet God's Final Approval. Think about it. -- See John 13:15; Romans 8:29

We recall Paul wrote the following:

"For you yourselves know the way YOU OUGHT TO IMITATE US, because we did not behave disorderly among you" -- 2 Thess. 3:7

Also this thought,

"I entreat you therefore, BECOME IMITATORS OF ME. -- 1 Corinthians 4:16

So its okay, to be an "imitator" of a man, just so long as the man in question, is actually following Jesus' example.

Actually, all of Israel, God's Name People (Jehovah's witnesses) should be followers or shall we say, "imitators" of the Modern Day Servant, as Isaiah 49:3 shows he is called: ISRAEL himself. Thus, all Israel will have to be styled after him, and "become like him" they are taught by him...per Jehovah's Instructions. (Luke 6:40) Thus, in an EPONYMOUS sense, yes, the Modern Day "Servant" [MDS] has become "Israel" before Jehovah, and everyone must imitate him because of this.

However, if someone is possibly suggesting we (yorww congregation) are mere followers of men, in the sense that we are trying to divert some of God's Glory and worship AWAY from him, the same way the WTS has "putting our doorpost" & "threshold" beside Jehovah's, the same way the WTS has done -- then they are sadly mistaken. We recognize this would be a serious sin, for someone to attempt. This is something that even Jesus, did not attempt to do. This would be blasphemy against Jehovah. -- Isaiah 42:8; John 8:28, 29

Simply put, the Modern-Day "Scapegoat" Servant of God, is Jehovah's Messenger...but he is certainly not God...nor does he claim to be. (Lev. 16:10, 20) Instead, we believe he is what he claims to be...yes the mediator, the Chief Administrator of this new covenant arrangement, who shows Israel more correctly HOW to serve Jehovah. But no, he does not want to be served in any way fashion or form, as if he were more than Jesus Christ wanted anyone to worship him. Jesus never wanted that. The "mediator" is NOT God, but he is between God and the nation of Israel...between them. The Scapegoat is God's chosen leader of the nation of Israel...merely following in the footsteps of Jesus himself. He imitates Jesus in this regard. He comes with a special "covenant" from God...because the entire nation of Israel (Jehovah's witnesses) have offended Jehovah greatly and will eventually have to repent and be "rejoined" or "re-bonded" with God via a special "indefinitely lasting covenant"...of course, after a specific period of severe discipline. -- Isaiah 42:6; Isaiah 49:8; Jeremiah 50:4, 5; Ezekiel 20:35-38

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47


#3 Post by Littleleslie » Sat May 27, 2006 7:53 am

Hi Don:

Thanks for those excellent points made above! :D

No, we are not followers of man at the YORWW, but Jesus is our premier example. Thanks for making that so clear for us above. Mary and I hear that so often on other discussion boards. So many misunderstand how the Scapegoat Covenant actually works for our benefit. Some think the MDS (Modern Day Servant) is trying to REPLACE Jesus, when that is not the case at all. Thanks again. :)

Also, I noticed in Isaiah 42:6 and Isaiah 49:8, it shows the "Servant" of God, IS HIMSELF THE "COVENANT" or is at least viewed as such by Jehovah, the same way that Jesus also became the "covenant" to first century christians. Jesus was the covenant. The MDS is the covenant. So, this makes it imperative that Israel understand the critical role of the Modern Day "Servant" for our benefit.

Excellent discussion going on here!


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