“God’s People Must Love Kindness”

A monitoring of the steady decline in spiritual outlook and morality as shown in the written and published statements of the Watchtower Society.

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“God’s People Must Love Kindness”

#1 Post by Mary » Fri Jun 25, 2004 10:52 am

“God’s People Must Love Kindness”

This is my commentary on this specific WT article. The original commentary is in black. But after taking off my blinders, so to speak, I had some important questions to ask of ourselves and of the Society. These comments and questions are in blue so that you the reader can judge as to the fairness of my writing.

This first study article in the April 15th, 2004 Watchtower magazine uses Micah 6:8 to bring out that God’s people must use justice, love kindness, and be modest. And says that Jehovah is the God of kindness (Romans 2:4, 11:22).

If God’s people are required to show justice, love kindness, and be modest then should we not expect the same from the GB, the lawyers representing the WTS, the overseers and elders around the world? If this were true…then why is there so many belonging to SilentLambs.com? And with modesty in mind, why does the Patterson estates only house the upper echelon of the WTS and does not have any printing faculties while lifetime pioneers retire with no pension and no help from the WTS that they served most of their lives?

The first subheading is the question, “What is Kindness?” It goes on to say that this would be taking an active interest in the welfare of others. And then goes on to tell us that Jehovah God has taken the lead in showing kindness to us. Also that ‘kindness’ is a fruitage of the spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) so those ‘led by spirit’ would be showing kindness to others.

If Jehovah has ‘taken the lead’ in showing kindness to us then why have not the ‘GB, overseers, and the elders taking the lead’ in congregations around the world showed the ‘scattered sheep’ any kindness? Instead, family members are told not to even talk to other family members or other ex JW’s or worldly people on a whole with the threat of being ‘shunned by others in the congregation or other students at school or other JW‘s on the job…how is that showing kindness?

The next subheading is entitled, “True Kindness Is Not Weakness.” In paragraph 6, it states: “Since kindness is part of the fruitage of God’s spirit, it cannot be a weak, compromising attitude toward wrong conduct. Mistaken kindness, on the other hand, is a weakness that causes one to condone wrongdoing.” Then in paragraph 7, it goes on to describe Eli’s situation with his sons from 1 Samuel 2:12-29; 3:1. Then saying that, “Christian elders must be careful not to succumb to showing mistaken kindness to wrongdoers who could imperil a congregation’s spirituality. True kindness is not blind to evil words and deeds that violate God’s standards.” And then goes on to say that Jesus was “the true epitome of true kindness.” Jesus also felt “tender affection” for honest hearted ones that “were skinned and knocked about like sheep without a shepherd.” How Jesus did not condone evil but used his strength to denounce the hypocritical religious leaders of his day (Matthew 23:13-26).

This paragraph shows us how deep the hypocrisy of our modern day Pharisees goes. Why have not the ones responsible for making us a NGO with the United Nations or the ‘scarlet colored beast’ as taught by these Pharisees…the ones who made us a SECRET NGO for ten years, why have they not been thrown out and brought to justice? Did the Society in this article say, “True kindness is not blind to evil words and deeds that violate God’s standards?” Do you think these modern day Pharisees or as Jesus spoke of them as “blind guides, hypocrites or that they resemble ‘white-washed graves” would benefit from reading those scriptures in 1 Samuel about Eli’s situation???

Under the subheading, “Kindness and Other Godly Qualities,” it states the "kindness is related to other qualities produced by God’s spirit.” Also if one demonstrates kindness they would also be cultivating other fruitages of the spirit like long-suffering, goodness, mildness, peace, joy, and self control. How Jesus stated that “all will know you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves” (John 13:35). In paragraph 11, is explains that “Jehovah’s loving-kindness draws people to him” (Jeremiah 31:3). And how this is a ‘loyal’ love in that Jehovah will not fail His people. Then gives the assurance of Psalms 94:14: “For Jehovah will not forsake his people, Nor will he leave his own inheritance.”

If these fruitages of the spirit are produce by having been led by Jehovah God’s spirit then what spirit led the GB to get into bed with the United Nations secretly for ten years? I do not know about you but in the kingdom halls I went to in the eighteen years I was a JW, I saw allot of judgmental elders and their wives looking down their noses at ones because they did not meet some imagined qualifications (oral laws) like not dressing correctly in their eyes, did not drive or live in big beautiful houses, did not have time because they work many long hours to make all the meetings or get out in service as much as they would have liked, did not parent their children correctly, were always sickly and could not make meetings, associating with too many worldly people, said they were raped but did not have two witnesses so ended up getting reproved, asked questions about the teaching of 1914, or about the NGO situation, etc… OR the ones those same elders and their wives associated with and overlooked their flaws of being a pedophile, wife beater, as adulterer, a liar, a rapist, etc…because that person had money and was popular. Jehovah God will not forsake HIS PEOPLE and these ones in the organization who practice these kinds of beliefs and actions are not God’s people, not at all (1 John 2:15-17).

In the subheading, “Why is the World So Cruel?”, we learn about the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin back in the garden of Eden and what that means for us. How the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, Satan (1 John 5:19). And how this spirit creature, Satan had become selfish and haughty and has become the “arch-opposer of both God and man.” So that it is no wonder as to ‘why’ this world manifests evil traits such as selfishness and pride which make it also full of harshness and cruelty.

Granted, it is easy to fall into Satan’s snares, as it were but for the ‘ones taking the lead’ in God’s organization, it is not also important that they look at how Jehovah God views their actions…are those actions like Satan’s self righteous, haughty, harsh, and cruel??? And if this “spirit of the world” or Satan’s spirit is what leads your congregation or the organization as a whole…didn’t Jesus and others in the bible warn us about such bad association with sayings like “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees” and “do not touch the unclean thing”? And in light of 2 Timothy 3:16-17, should we not apply those warnings today?

The next subheading is “Under God’s Kingdom Kindness Will Prevail.” Here it is pointed out for us that Jehovah’s designated King of His Kingdom is Jesus, His son and how this kingdom would be ‘marked by kindness.’ Just as Jesus exposed those religious leaders of his time who “burdened the people with wearisome burdens of endless rules and thankless tasks” that Jesus would be administering a “refreshing, kindly yoke” by his own words at Matthew 11:28-30. That Jesus’ rule would not resemble this system’s human rulers today who “seek to establish their greatness by ‘lording it over’ the people and seeking great titles.” And in paragraph 18, it states, “All those who will rule with Christ in heaven or serve as his earthly representatives must strive to follow his example of humility and kindness.” That Jehovah God makes the sunrise on the “unrighteous as well as the righteous” shows us that God’s kindness is “unselfish.” And “in imitation of our heavenly Father, not only do we refrain from harming the unthankful but we do good to them, even to those who have acted as our enemies.” By displaying kindness in this manner we are showing ourselves as desiring to live under God’s Kingdom.

Haven’t we been taught for years “not to be a part of this world” (James 4:4)? So are the GB going a little too far in this statement made above, “in imitation of our heavenly Father, not only do we refrain from harming the unthankful but we do good to them, even to those who have acted as our enemies,” by the continuous promotion of the United Nations in their publications?

Endless rules and thankless tasks…sound familiar? How busy are we in the Watchtower’s organization? With five meetings a week, reading the WT and Awake magazines, the Kingdom Ministry, the SI book, the day text, preparing talks, having family bible studies, preparing for the weekly bible study, making sure clothes are not wrinkled or soiled, going out in field service…does this sound REFRESHING to you like the “kindly yoke” Jesus describes? And when the Service overseer asks why you were not at the last service meeting and how disappointed he is in you for not getting someone to take over your talk…does it seem he is “lording over you” by not first asking if something serious had happened or if someone was sick???

And then the last subheading entitled “Why Show Kindness” is a prelude to the next article called, “Pursuing Kindness in a Hostile World.” But in all of it I thought that good points were brought out on how ‘we’ as a people could better serve our God, Jehovah.
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