Why Today, Jamaica Is Sooooooo Special!

Find out the reasons why Jamaica is so special among all other nations!

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Why Today, Jamaica Is Sooooooo Special!

#1 Post by Esoteric » Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:35 pm

Why Today, Jamaica Is Sooooooo Special!

Many today, want to know and have asked of YORWW over the years, Why do we believe the people of Jamaica are special, from a biblical perspective, and thus have occupied so much of the YORWW's time and religious belief system. And this is especially true, since the TWMC/YORWW itself originated in the USA, and not Jamaica, over twenty years ago. :)

Well, it has to do with learning the "New Song" of Revelation 14th chapter.

Interestingly, you possibly could be one among many individuals today that is interested in learning A "NEW SONG" THAT BRINGS LIGHT to all mankind today. Yes, a “New Song” that was presently known and embraced first by the people of Jamaica, by way of the "Rastafarian" believers of the Island. It (Rastafarian concept) thus, becomes a unique premise for what the YORWW teaches as the “New Song” (Rev. 14) that educates us about a Two-Messiah/Two-Kingdom Concept. Yes, a unique and stunning concept, taught and kindly received by the Island of Jamaica, for over 80 years now, since the early 1930s ... long before anyone else in the world knew of it. In fact, you might say the "Rastafarian" People themselves, pioneered this unique concept, for the benefit of all mankind.

Indeed, without this unique perspective that the "Rastafarians" pioneered, no one in the religious circles of this world, could never, ever understand the powerful, magnificent coming events foretold to happen at Isaiah 49:7. And that is true because with only a "One-Messiah" Concept that the world presently has, it would actually be impossible to fully explain verses like Psalms 72:10, 11, Psalms 102:15, Psalms 138:4, Zechariah 8:23, as well as Isaiah 49:7 which clearly points forward to a RIGHTEOUS, EARTHLY HUMAN RULER, finally governing earth's affairs. No, there would be no way to fully understand nor explain these powerful prophecies...prophecies that the Jewish Nation have been trying to explain to "Christians" now for close to 2,000 years!

Indeed, we can be most thankful to Jehovah (and his Son Jesus) for being willing to reveal this SPECIAL "SACRED SECRET" to us today, at this critical time of human history, yes in the "Last Day" ... as Jesus said. -- See Deuteronomy 29:29; John 12:48; 2 Timothy 3:1. ***

Think about it! :wink:

Donald C. Burney

***See also article On "Last Prophet From God" at: http://www.yorww.com/LastProphet.htm

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