“A Man Who Heard Unutterable Words…”

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“A Man Who Heard Unutterable Words…”

#1 Post by yorww » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:41 pm

“A Man Who Heard Unutterable Words…”

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Above, we cite the verses that speak of "a man," a certain "man in Christ" in fact, yes hearing words ...

... "unutterable words" or as some translations say, "inexpressible," or
"unspeakable" words...words which man "cannot say," words that are considered by
some "unlawful" [or unscriptural] for a "Christian" man to even speak. "Heretical" words,
words of "apostasy,” or even possibly, "blasphemy" against God! Some would say this. --
2 Corinthians 12:2-4

Words about a "man in Christ" chosen to bring a special "covenant" from God, words about a coming, Chosen
"Servant" of God. (See 2 Corinthians 12:2-4; Isaiah 42:6; Isaiah 49:8; Many may recall, the renowned Nobel
prize winner and playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, "All great truths begin as blasphemies." This
statement we believe is quite true.)

In fact, these same words we speak of, were foretold to have been already said, yes, said many years ago, by
the "prophets of old," as being words we would call today "Sacred Secrets," [Greek: mysterions or
"mysteries"] from God Almighty Himself, Jehovah. -- Acts 3:21, 24; Revelation 10:7; Revelation 22:6

Well in short, in capsule form, let us say the following:
We believe the Holy Scriptures teach a "Two (2) Kingdom/Two (2) Messiah" Concept, many years now
hidden within the Holy Bible itself, hidden by God Almighty Himself. (It is our considered opinion, the false
teaching of 1914 and indeed the entire bible itself can never be successfully unraveled without a good
understanding of this new concept. For example, the question of how long the “Davidic Heir” rules could
be better understood finally, with this new concept in mind. Then too, can we really say Jesus came from or
was a fleshly descendant of Adam & Eve, making him their “seed”? -- See Luke 1:32, 33 versus 1
Corinthians 15:24; Also Genesis 3:15.)

This new concept we speak of, namely the "Two (2) Kingdom/Two Messiah" Concept, was actually
pioneered by Donald C. Burney, ever since the summer of 1990, when he was still an "active" Jehovah's
Witness. And nine months later, since May of 1991, Mr. Burney began to gather an elite group of thinking,
very open-minded, unique bible students from among the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves, who were to
assist him as the TWMC Information Center and later as the YORWW Congregation. -- Acts 17:11

And so, the following information we will present to you, these "unspeakable words" Paul spoke of then, are
really NOT unsayable, or not so "unspeakable," "inexpressible" in themselves. No, but they are only perceived
... perceived as such, by modern-day religionists and bible scholars of our time, invariably because of centuries
and centuries of faulty indoctrination from religious, institutionalized thinking, and rigid, inflexible, unrelenting
church dogma, that has been heaped upon mankind by way of long-held "traditions of men," traditions that
continue to drive sincere, truth-seeking individuals away from the truth, Divine Truth, much as it did during
Jesus' day. Ohhhhhhh yes it did. Even Jesus’ disciples and 1st century Christians were affected by this. (See
Mark 6:52; Mark 8:17; Hebrews 5:11.) So then, this circumstance we face today, is in fact, the exact same
circumstances that Jesus faced in his day. -- See Matthew 15:3; Mark 7:9.

So it would be like saying ‘the earth is round’ when everyone thinks it is flat. It would be a paradigm shift.
Thus, we can confidently say, then these seeming "inexpressible words" that we speak of, these "words" that
some would say or act as though from a human point after years of indoctrination, would be considered yes,
"un-explainable" ... words that some would say are actually "impossible to explain," or even "impossible to
say" ... are actually not at all! And just as it meant "life" for those who listened to them back in Jesus' day, it
will mean the same thing today, for all mankind, in our modern society. -- See John 6:68; John 8:47; John
Think about it!

Written By Donald C. Burney

Jesus promised us:

13 However, when that one arrives, the SPIRIT OF THE
TRUTH, he will guide YOU into all the truth, for he will not
speak of his own impulse, but what things he hears he will speak,
and he will declare to YOU the things coming [or the

That one will glorify me, because he will receive from what
is mine and will declare it to YOU.” -- John 16:13, 14 NWT

“Two (2) Possible Messiahs”??? Could the “Davidic Heir” be a future earthly King? See 2 Samuel
7:11-15 Please CLICK HERE For More Information

In mankind's great quest for Bible Truth, Knowledge and Understanding, we are fortunate to find the
words of our Grand Creator who gives this incredible invite for us:
"Call to me, and I shall answer you and readily tell you GREAT AND
INCOMPREHENSIBLE THINGS that you have not known." -- Jeremiah 33:3 New World

Yes, "great and incomprehensible things," all told in the "time of the end." Things that were "not known" to us
before. Yes, "great things" like the identity of the "Small Horn" and "King of the North" of bible prophecy,
and the “Scapegoat” teaching of Leviticus 16:10. (Daniel 8:23-25; Daniel 11:40, 41) Also,
"incomprehensible things" like an explanation of the Magnificent "Glory of Jehovah," so often spoken of in
the book of Isaiah, and how Jehovah chooses to use the small nation of Jamaica in His Glorious Purposes.
(Isaiah 40:5; Isaiah 66:18, 19; Zephaniah 3:9, 10) Indeed, all of the "Sacred Secrets" of God was
"Davidic Heir" = "Lion of the Tribe of Judah"
-- Revelation 5:5

foretold to come to fulfillment and be explained fully, in the "time of the end." -- Daniel 12:4; Habakkuk 2:2,
3; John 16:13; Revelation 10:7

Then, we notice in verse 6 of the same chapter of Jeremiah, Jehovah states He is going to surely "reveal an
abundance of peace and truth" during this special time of enlightenment. -- Jeremiah 33:6 New World

All of this of course, suggests to us these hidden, great “truths” we speak of, are really “incomprehensible
things” that were "not known" or revealed to mankind prior to the advent of the "last days" or "time of the
end." The bible says this would be true. For instance, let's consider Isaiah 42:16:

““And I will make the blind ones walk in a way that they have not known; in a roadway
that they have not known I shall cause them to tread. I shall turn a dark place before
them into light, and rugged terrain into level land. These are the things that I will do for
them, and I will not leave them.”” -- Isaiah 42:16 New World Translation

Also, let's consider Isaiah 48:6:

““You have heard. Behold it all. As for YOU people, will YOU not tell [it]? I have made you
hear new things from the present time, even things kept in reserve, that you have not
known.” -- Isaiah 48:6 New World Translation

Therefore it would be during this special time, the "time of the end," when all great truths such as the book of
Revelation and other prophetic books, are due to be finally revealed by God Almighty, the Great "Revealer of
Secrets." This would be where great "sacred secrets" like the mysterious "Man of Lawlessness," who
was to be fully "revealed" in the "time of the end," and other great "sacred secrets" also. -- See Isaiah
11:9; Daniel 2:28; Daniel 2:47; Daniel 12:4; 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4, 8; Revelation 5:1-6; Revelation 10:7;
Revelation 22:6.

Indeed, this "man in Christ" would incredibly experience the glorious fulfillment of Psalms 45:4 which
amazingly says of him, and how he uniquely learns things from God Almighty:
in fear-inspiring things." -- New World Translation

No question but that when we consider the above inspired words, we must remember the fact that Jesus
Christ had a pre-human existence as the "Word of God," long before becoming a man on earth. (See John
1:1.) Which means no doubt, Jesus learned all of the many "fear-inspiring things" he knew, DIRECT [IN
PERSON] FROM HIS HEAVENLY FATHER JEHOVAH, when he existed in the very Presence of God
Almighty, for millenniums upon millenniums of time in heaven, long before coming to earth as a man.

Thus we are forced to understand this verse, this Messianic
Prophecy then, COULD NOT in any way shape or form, apply to
Jesus Christ while on earth. Is this not so???

All of which means then, this "man in Christ" actually learns these "fear-inspiring things," differently. He
learns then, not because he is in the actual heavenly Presence of Jehovah as Jesus was for eons and eons of
time, per say. No, but this "man" learns in essence, day-by-day, or "morning by morning," gradually on a daily
basis, in the "east gate" as it were, exactly ... exactly as the inspired prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel said he
would. So, he learns from God then as a frail, human on earth would, a human with human capabilities and
human limitations, mentally-speaking. Think about it. -- See Isaiah 50:4; Ezekiel 44:3; also please
compare Psalms 78:2, 3 New World Translation.

In the light of this type of situation, truly explains why this “man in Christ” was told, these words that he was
in hearing, were to be viewed as “unutterable sayings,” “unspeakable words,” words “which man may not
utter,” words that normally without God’s extraordinary help, a simple man could not speak with conviction, at
least before the proper time for it. In view of the tremendous opposition he must face, from
particularly Jehovah’s Witnesses, former and current, it must be God’s Timetable for it. So first this
chosen man, this chosen vessel, must become the first “Christian,” to hear this while being “caught
up” [Greek:harpazo] spiritually to the “third heaven” or “Paradise of God,” in essence. -- Psalms 40:6; Isaiah
49:1-7; Isaiah 50:5; 2 Corinthians 12:2-4

But now, that time has arrived. These special words we speak of, are now being made available for your
inspection on this website. [Please make sure to visit all of the links shown on this page.] Therefore, if you
would like to explore such words, these “unutterable sayings” of God, that can indeed transport you into the
“Paradise of God,” the “Third Heavens” of spiritual understanding... then please continue to read this website and all of its articles. Thank you.

Review Questions For Above Article:

1. What are some of the terms used by Bible translators to describe the message that was given to a “man in Christ” spoken of in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4?
2. Who are these “unutterable” words meant for?
3. These “unutterable” words were been spoken by the prophets of God ages ago. What term do we used for these prophetic words today?
4. What new concept can we now begin to understand especially as it is one that has been hidden by God Himself in the Bible for ages?
5. Who did Jehovah use to unravel this “Sacred Secret” about the Two Kingdom/Two Messiah concept that is taught in His Word but had been hidden from mankind? When did he begin to understand this concept?
6. Why do most people who attend Church believe that the words given to the “man in Christ” are “unspeakable,” “unutterable” or even “unscriptural?”
7. As recorded at Jeremiah 33:3, what kind of information did Jehovah promise to reveal to anyone calling on Him?
8. What are some “great and incomprehensible things” Jehovah has revealed or made known to the “man in Christ?” Can you list five teachings?
9. Why should we consider the time that we are living in as a “special” time in mankind’s history?
10. What individual has Jehovah been using to explain these “incomprehensible things” to mankind?
11. To whom would you say the words recorded at Psalm 45:4 do not apply? Explain your answer.
12. How then does the “man in Christ” learn these “fear inspiring things” since he cannot sit before Jehovah as Jesus could?
13. Although these words that the “man in Christ” heard have always been considered “unlawful” or “unspeakable” by humans, why can they now be considered “lawful” or “utterable” words to be spoken in our day and time?

-------------------------------------------------Answers To Review Questions Above-----------------------------

Answers for review questions on article "A Man Who Heard Unutterable Words"

1. This message has been called “unutterable,” “inexpressible,” “unspeakable,” “unlawful” (that is, unscriptural), “heretical,” even “blasphemous.”
2. These words are concerned with a “man in Christ” who has been chosen to bring a special covenant from God, a coming Servant of God.
3. The message spoken by the prophets of old are now called “Sacred Secrets” or “mysteries” of God, things not understood by anyone until now.
4. The new concept that is finally being understood is that the Bible teaches that there are two (2) messiahs and two (2) kingdoms, each messiah ruling in his own kingdom.
5. Jehovah used Donald C. Burney to unravel this new concept as early as 1990. He recognized early on, that such a teaching was totally unknown to mankind.
6. Individual that are steeped in their church dogma cannot make room for anything new. They have been taught wrong for centuries and find it difficult to change their beliefs or to accept something new.
7. Jehovah promised that if anyone would call to Him, He would tell them “great and incomprehensible things.”
8. Five things that are “great and incomprehensible” that are now understood are 1) the identity of the “small horn” of Daniel 8:23-25; 2) the identity of the “King of the North” of Daniel 11:40, 41; 3) the Scapegoat teaching of Leviticus 16:10; 4) What the “glory of Jehovah” is spoken of in Isaiah 40:5 and 66:18, 19; 5) How Jehovah will use the nation of Jamaica to accomplish His purposes found at Zephaniah 3:9, 10.
9. We should consider our day and time as special because Jehovah is revealing His “Sacred Secrets” that are found in the prophetic books of the Bible as well the book of Revelation.
10. Jehovah would reveal these “Sacred Secrets” through the one called a “man in Christ” in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4.
11. These words of Psalm 45:4 could not apply to Jesus, as he learned many “fear inspiring things” directly from Jehovah’s mouth as he existed in heaven as a spirit person for eons of time.
12. He learns from Jehovah on a daily basis, gradually as did prophets like Isaiah or Ezekiel did. Ezekiel 44:3 describes him as “sitting in the East Gate” of the temple, a gate that no other human could enter and he eats “bread” before Jehovah, who Himself enters this gate.
13. We can now say that these “unutterable” words can now be spoken with conviction to mankind because Jehovah has given extraordinary help to this “man in Christ” such that he is able to competently explain this information to mankind.

In conclusion, we can say with confidence that this “man in Christ” (2 Corinthians 12:2-4) is an imperfect human, the same human that we’ve learned to be: 1) the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15); 2) the E-Scapegoat or “second goat” (Leviticus 16:10); 3) the “messiah” for our day and time (Daniel 9:25, 26); 4) the “hidden” Son of Man (Isaiah 49:2; Daniel 7:13, 14); 5) the Modern-day “Servant” of God (Isaiah 49:5); 5) the replacement for Adam (Psalms 89:27); 6) the second “lamb” offered at the Feast of Pentecost (Leviticus 23:19, 20); 7) the “lamb” in the book of Revelation (Revelation 5:6, 8, 12; Revelation 7:10. These are just a few of the titles that Donald C. Burney will be called by as he carries out Jehovah's Will and Purposes.

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47

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