Who Are The "Edomites" Of Daniel 11:41?

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Who Are The "Edomites" Of Daniel 11:41?

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Question to YORWW Congregation:

Who Are The "Edomites" of Daniel 11:41?

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#2 Post by yorww » Wed Jun 30, 2004 6:22 pm

Edom (Esau) (Genesis 25:30) is primarily known for selling his birthright for a bowl of stew. (Genesis 25:33) Hebrews 12:16 in the New World Translation says "he did not appreciate sacred things." Other translations of the bible use terms in reference to Esau such as he was "profane" or he was "worldly-minded," or that "he was godless." The point is that he was first in line after Issac to carry forward the promises Jehovah had made to Abraham. Hence he did not value his birthright as firstborn son. (Genesis 25:34). Therefore, it went to his twin brother, Jacob.

Who today would be in a position to have a part in carrying forth God's purposes as did Esau or Edom? Jehovah's Witnesses should be the people who comes to mind. Yet many from among their number have chosen a course that shows a lack of appreciation for sacred things. Some have concluded that God's Name is not important or that God's word is not inspired or even that God does not have a special people on earth today that he deals with. These individuals have become like "Esau" or "Edom" and thus can be called "Edomites," spiritually-speaking. Since most of these individuals have left the organization already, they will not be in the direct path of the "King of the North" when he comes through the land of Decoration [Jehovah's Witnesses as a nation] as stated in Daniel 11:41.

Therefore, they will escape out of his hands.

The same can be said for those imitating the "Moabites" and "Ammonites," who had the same background as Esau, in that they are all relatives of Abraham, the man of faith. In our modern day setting, they were all a part of Jehovah's modern day people, but have in varying degrees, for various reasons, lost their spiritual appreciation for sacred things. These ones can be seen spending a lot of time trying to prove that the Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult and have no relationship with Jehovah. They go so far as to say that God's people can be found among the many religions that abound today. Some even try to prove the Bible to be full of myths and legends.

The Bible does however tell us that some of these individuals will in the end listen to the Modern Day Servant. Isaiah 11:14 tell us this:

"And they (the reunited nation of Israel) must fly at the shoulder of the Phillistines to the west; together they will plunder the sons of the East. Edom and Moab will be those upon whom they will thrust out their hand, and the sons of Ammon will be their subjects."

Ezekiel 25:14 also makes this point. The one thing to remember about spiritual "Edomites" is this:

if these persons, when truth is presented to them, choose not to listen to Jehovah's messenger, then they will be cut off permanently.

Isaiah 63:1-7 is one of the "Servant" prophecies. Although Jesus fulfilled some of these prophecies, there is no indication that this one was ever applied to him during his ministry. However, this prophecy will have a modern day fulfillment. The one coming from Edom is not an Edomite, but is one who has gone to Edom for a specific purpose. It appears that a "bloody" encounter occurs where the one wearing the garments "splattered with blood" has had to do battle alone yet comes off the winner. If you will notice the latter part of verse 1 speaks of this one as "abounding in power to save." His purpose in going to Edom is to "save." The "Edomites" of course, did not respond, to his efforts of assisting them spiritually. This has proved true, particularly between the years of 1994 up to 2001 (7 years), when the Modern Day "Servant" carried God's Sacred Truths, "Living Waters," to modern day spiritual "Edomites" or xJehovah's Witnesses with little or no success. During these years the record shows, these spiritual "Edomites," showed themselves to be disgracefully NOT appreciative of sacred things, when the "good news" was presented to them.

"He that is from God listens to the sayings of God..." -- John 8:47

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