Putting Faith In/Attributing Salvation To An Organization???

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Putting Faith In/Attributing Salvation To An Organization???

#1 Post by Esoteric » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:26 am

Putting "Faith In" Or Attributing "Salvation To" An Organization -- Is It Scriptural???

Hi all,

... I was just wondering ...

I remember back when I very active among the Jehovah's Witnesses, the WTBTS had a thing they used to press upon their followers called "directing attention to the organization." This was to be done in field service, at the end of the bible study, for about ten minues or so. You were supposed to bring some brochure or literature that spoke of the organization, or you could talk about meeting times, topics at the meetings, etc. Maybe some of you remember this "added" procedure.

Well, back then I used to wonder, 'why are they telling us to do this?'

Anyway, the idea never caught on with me. I just could'nt get into the hang of it for some reason. Which leads me to this question,

Should Jehovah's Witnesses proudly "put faith in" and/or shamelessly tell the world they attribute actual "salvation" to their organization? Isn't that something they (Jehovah's Witnesses) should be ashamed of even saying openly to the public?

Here are a couple of examples:

The cover of the March 1st, 1979 Watchtower magazine boldly proclaims,

“Put Faith in a Victorious Organization!”

Then too, the accompanying article repeatedly drives home the theme of having faith in the organization by saying:

“Faith in Jehovah’s theocratic organization... Did the remnant of spiritual Israelites and their theocratic companions, the ‘great crowd’ of Christ’s ‘other sheep,’ have such victorious faith? Yes!... Witnesses have kept their faith in Jehovah’s organization.” (p 18)

The article poses the question, “Is there any cause for us to lose faith in Jehovah’s visible organization...?” The answer is given, “Absolutely Not!... Our unwavering faith will be rewarded with victory and the crown of life.”

Did you get that?

The Watchtower Society teaches that Faith in the Organization will be rewarded with eternal life!

The same was stated in the November 15th, 1981 Watchtower magazine, p 21, where it says,

“Come to Jehovah’s Organization for Salvation”

That's right. We can get "Salvation" not from Jehovah God...not from Jesus Christ, but from Jehovah's Organization!!! (Please compare Rev. 7:10)

Did you know this???

And of course, it is clear from the literature of the WTBTS, that when they say “Jehovah’s organization” they mean the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Brooklyn, NY. Under the Watchtower Society's insidious indoctrination, faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ becomes faith in the Watchtower Organization. (Please contrast John 14:1 to what the Watchtower Teaches on this point.)

Doesn't this mean, Jehovah's Witnesses are wickedly advocating "putting faith in" the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization and worse, shamelessly attributing actual "Salvation" to the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization? (And, they seem to be proud and very happy to tell you all about this. They even give it a special name: "directing attention to the organization")

Is that who Revelation 7:10 says we "owe salvation" to?

How do Jehovah's Witnesses justify such a stand? Doesn't this whole "organization-the-worship" type of attitude they (WTBTS) push, strike you as blatantly wicked?


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